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We grow and produce our products in Ashland, Oregon using organic and regenerative practices.

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What Makes Us Different

- No added chemicals, or fake scents! Our essential oils are directly from the extract of the leaves or flowers.

- Grown, nurtured and crafted into the final product right here at Pompadour Lavender Farm in Ashland, Oregon.

- Relaxing, healing, and uplifting oils!

- Environmentally and socially responsible.

- Sustainably grown in healthy soil without using mineral fertilizers or pesticides! 

How to Use Our Oils

Essential oils have a variety of health benefits, from skin care to stress relief. The most common way to use essential lavender oils is to inhale them, ​by using a diffuser or placing a couple of drops on your pillow or on the chin part of your mask, on your temples or adding a few drops to your liquid soap in the bath or shower. See our many uses and applications.
In the case of our infused rosemary oil, we encourage topical applications 1-2 times daily or with an evening massage over a painful stressed muscle. See our catalog for its many uses and applications.