Our Story

Quality Oils, Made Simply.

Welcome to Pompadour Lavender Farm, formerly known as JuS’Oils. 

My wife and I own and operate this small family business in Southern Oregon, near Ashland. We both bring over 60 years of environmental, pharmaceutical, and health-based ideals to this business. We are new to the business of producing plant oils and it is just the two of us. Three years ago we planted our first lavender and Rosemary plants into rich southern Oregon organic composted soil. We used clean cardboard sheets, wood chips, and our hands to control weeds. We never use pesticides and our “fertilizer” comes from organic compost and compost “tea” water extracts made on our farm. We never use mineral fertilizer because it’s just smells of petroleum and it is not necessary with our organic compost. The generally cool nights not only favor our relaxation on our second story deck from where we can see our precious lavender and rosemary plants, but the plants, like us, also love the combination of cool evenings and warm days.

Oregon is well known for its natural purity of soil, water, and air. We are surrounded by the forests of Southern Oregon and our farm is located on a west facing gentle slope that receives the sun’ rays practically all day! The plant blossoms are immense and prolific. Our plants are drip irrigated to preserve precious water and to prevent mineral deposits splashing onto and damaging the flowers.

Everything is done by hand including our harvests of these beautiful lavender blossoms. All of the left-over plant residue enters our composting system. Ray gets to do the lavender harvest and steam distillation in a copper still purchased from Eastern Europe. The water used in the still is distilled and thus free of any contaminating chemicals. He regulates the still temperature to optimize oil recovery, and collects the little volumes of essential oils from each small batch, while his wife, Julia, does the art work, logo designs, everything rosemary, and bottling the fruits of our service.


The products you buy from us are as pure as you can get. View our catalog today!