Rosemary Infusion Oil

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“In your everyday aches and pains, bring Rosemary infusion into your life”.
We also use it ourselves, practically every day! Infused into 100% organic virgin olive oil.
Potential benefits and uses of our Rosemary infusion (view even more information here!)
  • Use as light massages with topical applications only, not for oral ingestion
  • Repel mosquitoes, gnats and ticks
  • Disperse bruises
  • If you experience cold fingers or toes, massaging with rosemary oil may help warm them. It may aid conditions like Raynaud’s disease. Improved circulation is consistent with the ability to disperse bruises; gentle hand and feet massages with our rosemary infusions really work!
  • Applying diluted rosemary oil (our product) topically may help lower inflammation in injuries and arthritis.
We sell this infusion with the intent for it to be used topically, not necessarily as an aromatic experience (except if you use it in cooking!). Infusion is a process that typically uses dried herbs (rosemary in our case) that release their active ingredients readily in oil, water, or alcohol. In this process, a liquid is typically boiled (or brought to another appropriate temperature) and poured over the herb. After the herb has been allowed to steep in the liquid for an appropriate period of time, it is removed (possibly by straining) leaving an infusion. The herb and oil meld together over the course of time, as the oil extracts the soluble plant constituents.  Everyday common tea is an example of an infusion. Click here for more information.